Professional childcare in your commune

As part of a subsidy agreement that meets the requirements of your municipality, we take over responsibility so that you do not have to cover all the requirements linked to the childcare profession. .

Entrust the running of your daycare centre to a childhood expert


You define the strategic approaches

The strategic priorities are defined by your municipality (fees for parents, access conditions, opening hours, etc.) and we ensure operational management of your daycare centre (hiring, replacements, issuing childcare contracts, invoicing, accounting, etc.)

We commit to the costs:

We commit to an overall annual operating cost or a daily cost agreed with you.
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Reserve places

You can also reserve places within our facilities

We offer you a simple solution, which is quick and with minimum investment, and makes your municipality appealing. Your residents will have privileged access to a daycare centre in the network. We also accept childcare vouchers.

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Why entrust your daycare centre to the network?


A social stake for the community

54% of people surveyed state that they do not have a child (or additional child) due to the difficulty of ensuring a work-life balance. By implementing a childcare solution for parents, you ensure a family policy that meets the expectations of residents and supports the evolution of the birth rate; an important issue for our future.

In Switzerland, the proportion of women not working increases from 3% to 17% after the birth of their first child, then from 20% to 32% after the birth of their second child. Providing daycare centres is therefore an essential condition for professional equality between men and women. “OFS – Swiss survey on the working population (ESPA) – 2016”

"The daycare centre is beneficial for the community, it is the lack of them that represents a cost”. Daycare centres bring benefits, and their scarcity presents a major shortcoming for a community. Cooperation between the municipality and companies enables optimisation of the municipal budget by creating a greater number of places for an equivalent budget.