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You also have the option to purchase places in one or more daycare centres, or you can make a contribution to the childcare costs of your employees, create your own daycare centre, or quite simply be a privileged partner.

With more than 2300 daycare places, the network is the largest childcare network in Switzerland

Purchase places

Your company is participating in place prices based on family income. This solution provides you with a dynamic HR policy, and each of your employees can have access to a daycare centre regardless of their income.

Your company is financing a fixed discount for families in order to make their access to daycare centres easier.


Public price CHF 3000.–
The company finances a discount of 20% – CHF 600.–
The parent pays CHF 2400.–
I would like to purchase places

Have you decided to create your own daycare centre?

The company daycare centre is an excellent means of becoming an attractive employer and encouraging staff loyalty.

We offer you the opportunity to completely outsource your company daycare centre in four stages: research, creation, operation, and finally quality control.









I would like to open a daycare centre

Have you decided to be a partner in the network?

Without company financing: you simply wish to let families know about the daycare centre network and facilitate their access to it, so they select a daycare centre close to their home or workplace. It is free of charge and there is no long-term commitment.

Our teams at help every company reserve places at daycare centres to provide the means that correspond with their requirements.

I would like to become a partner

Options for a customised service:

Your options



You reserve places exclusively for your employees and benefit from assured access. The reserved places that are not used are paid for in full by the company based on the standard price.



make life simpler. We take care of all the administrative management, from registration to invoicing families. You receive a single invoice for all the places being used by your employees.


Family Service childcare

Our advisers support parents by helping them define the best childcare solution for them. They then find the type of place sought.

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